Glimpses of 2012-2013

The entire session of 2012-2013 proceeded smoothly with various academic and co-curricular activities. The session started with the welcome of newly admitted pupil teachers. Various activities like-paper presentation ,quiz skit, dancing, singing, fancy dress etc. were performed by the pupil teachers and sports meet for the all round development of the pupil teachers.

Photograph of the different activities

Honourable Personalities In Different Functions

Extension Lectures And Paper Presentation

Annual Prize Distribution


Arts and craft

Fancy Dress



Basant Panchmi

Indoor Games

Other Activities

Future Plans

The society is focused on futuristic vision of education, specially teacher education. Teacher education is an important means of national development. It is irrelevant if it fails to do so. It must create necessary awareness among teachers about their new roles and responsibilities. It is for human resource development and manpower planning. There is the need to develop vocational competence and skills for creating new work culture

It should seek solution to the burning social evils like casteism, communalism, regionalism, child labour, untouchabiity and sex discrimination. etc. which are weakening the national development. Strengthening national and social cohesion in a diverse and pluralistic society, accelerating live process of economic growth, raising living standards of the citizens below the poverty lines, inculcating the scientific temper and development of critical awareness about the social realities of Indian life are some of live issues which call for immediate attention. Teachers and teacher educators have special role to play in such efforts.