Library is an integral part of any educational institution. It helps in the cognitive development of both teachers and pupils. Ours is a well equipped library with a huge collection of books, journals, magazine, related to all subjects. Library has a seating capacity of 50 students at a time. No. of Books 9000 with multi cultural national & regional news papers
The following books are available:

  • 1. Compulsory books- 3052
  • 2. Reference books- 3385
  • 3. Special papers- 476
  • 4. Journals- 15-20
  • 5. Teaching books- 2172

ET Lab
Excellence in spoken English is a must to become successful in the 21st century. With this thought in mind the college uses an English language lab software for enhancement of English speaking skills. the following facilities are available:-

  • 1. 2 projectors
  • 2. 30 computers
  • 3. Internet connection
  • 4. Language lab
  • 5. LCD
  • 6. Music system etc.

In this IT driven world, being computer savvy is an imperative. To assist our students in this enterprise the school has developed a fully-furnished ā€˜nā€™ functional computer lab, with a capacity of seating 30.

Science Lab
Science Lab- The lab has wide range of specimens, charts and models to help students to understand better the intricacies of biology. It is laden with chemicals for conducting various experiments to increase the knowledge of the subject.

Psychology Lab
It is very important for a teacher to understand the psychology of the students. So we have designed a psychology lab where any psychological concept can be understood practically. It consists of test material for different psychological tests, for example test of adjustment, personality test, intelligence test, creativity test, attitude and aptitude tests and various inventory and case studies.

Play Ground
A huge playground helps to cater to the needs of various games and sports like badminton, TT, football, cricket, volleyball etc. including Yoga to bring physical & mental discipline to the pupil teachers.