The institute is located in the heart of the city approx 4 ½ Km from Jaipur Railway Station, Jaipur. The campus is huge and built in pollution free healthy environment having peaceful area of 10076 Sq.mts.

Administrative Block :

It is the place where all the activities & future plans are generated. It has a vital role in the development of the ideas for smooth running of the institution.

Total land area proposed by teacher training programme                         10076 Sqm
Total build up area                                                                                                 18320 Sq ft (As per Building Plan)
Infrastructure details s paer provisions of the NCTE.Regulations,2009
.1 Class Room No (i) 640 Sq.ft each,
(iii)720 Sq.ft each
.1 Class Room No (i) 640 Sq.ft each,
(iii)720 Sq.ft each
.2 Multipurpose Hall (i) 1760 Sq.ft each
.3 Library-cum-Reading room (i) 750 Sq.ft each
.4 ICT Resource Center (i) 684 Sq.ft each
.5 Psychology Resource Center (i) 320 Sq.ft each
.6 Art and Craft Resource Center (i) 551 Sq.ft each
.7 Health and Physical Education Resource Center (i) 620 Sq.ft each
.8 Science and Mathematics Resource Center (i) 410 Sq.ft each
.9 Principal's office (i) 320 Sq.ft each
.10 Staff Room (i) 550 Sq.ft each
.11 Administrative Office (i)302 Sq.ft each
.12 Girl's Common Room (i) 551 Sq.ft each
.13 Seminar Room (i) 3250 Sq.ft each
.14 Canteen (i) 953 Sq.ft each
.15 Toilet Faculty for girls (i) 800 Sq.ft each
.16 Parking Space Sufficient
.17 Store Room(two) (i)60 Sq.ft each
(i)60 Sq.ft each
.18 Multipurpose Play Field (i)Approx 8000
.19 Open Space for additional accommodation
.20 Total Build up area in the Building (i) 20,220 Sq.ft each
.21 Provision of Hostel if any